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About Me 

Not your typical advisor. Not your typical advisor site.

Hi there, my name is Joe and I am a financial advisor serving Lansing, Charlotte, Battle Creek, Kalamazoo, and the surrounding areas.

I grew up between Charlotte and Olivet in a typical middle class family with frugal parents who preached avoiding debt and minimizing unnecessary expenses. A story that speaks to this was how I bought my first bike. Rather than just buying me one, my parents made a deal with me. I would take my allowance each week to the bike shop and they would match my contribution. We did this for a few months and I finally had my bike. Simple lessons like these instilled the money principles that continue to guide my decisions to this day. 

During college at Michigan State University, I structured my classes to allow me to work a paid internship year-round to maximize my income and gain valuable experience. After college I entered the corporate world and started contributing to my 401(k) and opened up a brokerage account to try my hand at investing. I proceeded to make just about every mistake you can make but was lucky to learn from all of them quickly and was able to find a couple mentors along the way. 

I was well on my own path to an early retirement when I started helping folks with their own investment plans and educating them on how it all works. I enjoyed the role as an educator and guide so much I decided to make it my career. I felt I had found my calling.

At our firm, we have the client—and only the client—in mind.

Nowadays I count myself as one lucky guy with a lovely wife, two kids that luckily take after her, and a career that allows me to provide people the one thing that is hard to buy; time. Time to worry less about their finances. Time to retire sooner and choose how they spend their days. Time to enjoy the fruits of their hard work. 

Investing and building wealth has a reputation for being overly complex and boring, (I get it, most people probably don’t want to read about the pros and cons for evaluating stocks based on discounted cash flows) but people also stress more about money problems than nearly any part of their lives. Learning the basics can provide you with enough foundational knowledge to avoid costly mistakes and set your future self up for a life less consumed with money worries. So, dive in with me as we explore detailed financial concepts in a simple, easy to understand form and have a little fun in the process (I hope you like analogies because this site is going to be as full of them as Tigger is full of energy).

Client Centered

If you like what you read and would like to have a discussion about setting up a financial plan unique to your situation, please check out my services page and submit your contact info. Financial independence is a more attainable goal than it might seem. 

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